Monday, November 10, 2014

Fairytale Finish Polish Bath Bombs!

So, today I would like to talk about Fairytale Finish Polish's bath bombs!
Amanda has created these bath bombs to help us ladies take care of our skin. 

First impressions:

They look so cute! And they smell delicious! So delicious that I was tempted to lick it... Yea, not so healthy... Lol. But I didn't! 

So, before this one, I have never used any sort of bath bombs. So I'm pretty new at it. The bath bomb Amanda sent me contains salts, butters, oils and is apple cinnamon scented (that explains why I wanted to lick it). You can use it in your tub for a nice bath (don't forget to add candles and dim the light.. And maybe a nice soothing song to help you relax) or you can use it for just your hands, preferably, I would use it after swatching. If you're using it in a tub, soak for 15-20 minutes.. Or depending upon your liking. I used it on my hands so I did much less time than that. 

So, since I decided to do it on my hands, I filled the sink with warm water. (Mine was a bit too warm. Lol. But that didn't affect the use of the bath bomb). I added half of the bath bomb (you can go for less if you want) and I love how you can hear the bath bomb dissolving!

Before this, I removed any nail polish I had on my nails. When the bath bomb was completely dissolved, I let my hands sink in the water and soak up all the goodness for about five minutes. After I was done soaking my hands, I washed them with mild and very little soap just to get a bit of the oil off. Or you can just dry your hands.

What I love about this bath bomb is that every time, after me washing my hands they tend to dry so bad that I need lotion. After I finished drying my hands they felt nice and soft and very moisturized. I was even surprised at how my cuticles were looking. They were soft and easy for me to push back. Which is a bonus because I would usually put cuticle oil and wait five minutes for them to soak the oil so I can push them back. 

So, what do I really think? Amanda did an excellent job. I would totally use the bath bomb again to give my hands some love. I didn't encounter any issues with me using her product so I say go for it and try it! 

Don't forget to check her out! She's still unsure if this will be something that she's planning on releasing, but follow her just to be on the good side! She also has pretty nail polishes so don't forget to take a look at those too!